Our Nation, the United States of America, has been a beacon of light in the world of Tyranny and oppression.  We fought for FREEDOM at a time when freedom was rare.  We paid the price.  We shed the blood.  We won the victory.  Then through the wisdom of the structure of our government and the forming of our Constitution, our Great Nation became free, and we prospered.  


Yet, now there are those who are fighting fervently to take our freedoms away and subject us to utter despotism.  Through the indoctrination of our government run educational systems, the common people do not even know nor understand what freedom is or how it needs to be defended and protected.  


Through fear and engineered crisis, our freedoms are being legislated away, and control is being enforced.  If we do not educate ourselves and others, and stand up for our Constitutional Rights, we will lose them, and our posterity will be subjected to utter despotism, and our nation will no longer be free. 

Christian Heritage

Declaration of Independence