Website Links

The Truth About Cancer
Educate, Expose, Eradicate.

Children's Health Defense

Information on public health policies and practices that are harming our children.

Freedom Taker

Resources to help citizens actively claim, protect and defend the freedoms he or she values.

Take Back Your Power
Compelling insight from whistleblowers, researchers, government agents, lawyers, doctors and environmentalists.

Think Twice
All you need to know about health and vaccinations.

Shades of Grace
Sharing God's comfort for life's trials.

Family Research Council
Dedicated to advancing a family-centered philosophy and a biblical worldview.

The New American
That freedom shall NOT perish.

My Faith Votes
Helps Christians act on their faith and vote in elections to further Biblical standards.    

5G Summit
A worldwide call to action.

Need to Know
News you need to know. G. Edward Griffin's Essential News & Analysis- Find out what is really going on.

The First
For those who are passionate about American values, aren’t afraid to engage big ideas, and who care about where this country is headed.

Environmental Health Trust
One of the leading scientific organizations working on 5G and cell phone radiation.

5G Crisis - 5G Activist Toolkit
Americans for Responsible Technology